$275.00 USD
A women's brown leather boot with laces, the Manchester boot by Bed Stu.

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A pair of Bed Stu Elisha II boots with white soles.

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Elisha II

$335.00 USD

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A women's black wingtip Oxford shoe with a red sole, the Bed Stu Lita K II.

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Lita K II

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  • Chrome free, vegetable tanned leather
  • Handmade by Real People
  • Leather Tote, or Bucket Bag
  • 19 in. W, 11 in. H, 6.5 in. D, 9 drop
  • Imported

Universal leather tote good for every day, meet Cersei. This exceptional tote offers a unique feature – an optional snap closure that gathers the bag, creating a stylish bucket shape and allowing you to change its appearance effortlessly. Crafted with soft, padded leather straps, Cersei ensures comfortable wear even during extended use. Don't be fooled by its sleek design; Cersei boasts ample storage space, accommodating all your essentials and more, making it the perfect companion for any occasion.

Bag Size: M


One-Of-A-Kind Finishes

Just as no two fingerprints are alike, each BED|STÜ product is distinct.


No Harmful Chemicals

Chrome and formaldehyde-free, vegetable-tanned leather


Responsibly Sourced

All of our products are made using sustainably sourced, all-natural materials



Each piece showcases true BED|STÜ craftsmanship and proudly reflects the diversity of its creators and wearers.



Keep your favorite items in top condition by restoring them. Have them repaired by the original craftsman.


Carbon Neutral

We've teamed up with UPS in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, reducing our carbon footprint.

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