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We Walk the Talk (in BED|STÜ of Course)

We know you’ve seen the ‘S-word’ (Sustainability) everywhere, but we’re not just hopping on the eco-bandwagon.

We’ve been on this journey before it was cool. Discover how each and every BED|STÜ creation leaves a positive footprint on Mother Earth.

Step into Summer with Our Chic Wooden Wedges!

Best of Summer ~ Wedges ~
A woman wearing a pair of Bed Stu Imelda wooden wedges.

$230.00 USD

Imelda exudes unparalleled character and captivating charm. With its open-toe design and distinctive cutout detail in the wedge, Imelda offers a uniquely stylish statement. Ador...

Best of Summer ~ Wedges ~
A woman is standing on a wooden deck wearing a pair of Bed Stu Millennial wedges.

$235.00 USD

Jaw-drop as you enter a room in Millennial, an intriguing wooden wedge that will draw all the attention. Millennial sits atop a towering sustainable wooden wedge with a unique c...

Best of Summer ~ Wedges ~
A person sitting on a sidewalk with their legs crossed, wearing Lucrative studded, wooden wedges from Bed Stu with zipper closure.

$235.00 USD

Express your unique style while enjoying the ease of movement that Lucrative provides. Crafted for every occasion with their timeless design and sturdy construction, these woode...

A woman in jeans and leather boots leaning against a rustic brick wall, showcasing her Bed Stu Deuce western style.

Rodeo Revival Collection

Embrace the spirit of the open range with a curated selection of Western-inspired style footwear and bags, blending rugged authenticity with contemporary trends for an iconic look that's as timeless as it is adventurous.


Starry Night Collection

This Collection celebrates natural phenomena; Each of our Tie Dye finished shoes, sandals and leather bags are unique, one-of-a-kind twists on a palette of natural occurrences.


Cafe Latte Tie Dye Collection

Inspired by the comforting hues of your favorite café beverage, this collection blends earthy tones with trendy tie-dye patterns, perfect for every fashion-forward individual.

A woman sitting on a wall holding a Bed Stu Barra bag.

Blackout Collection

Black in fashion symbolizes elegance, sophistication, and versatility. Timeless and classic, it complements any color and exudes confidence and authority

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