Our Lux Finish

Our Lux Finish

Our Lux Finish ages like a fine wine (better with time). Explore the process of creating one of our most beloved finishes.

Where it all began

While visiting Europe one summer, the smell of freshly baked bread wafted through the air and drew us into a small French bakery on the Swiss border. Enamored and inspired by the unique appearance of the light dusting of flour on the freshly baked loaves of artisan bread, we took this inspiration back to our factory and developed our unique Lux finish, which made its debut in 2011. Applied by hand, this crackled finish distresses with wear, making each shoe & bag uniquely yours.

Like a fine wine

You can see how this well-worn pair of TABITHA short boots in Black Lux gets better with time; crackling and becoming beautifully distressed with each wear and adventure. Over time, its intentional crackle effect emerges, gracefully shedding layers to reveal a character uniquely molded by experiences. This natural patina not only imparts a lived-in charm but also enhances the aesthetic appeal, ensuring each pair carries a story worth telling.