Caring for your shoes

High quality leather goods require high quality leather care. Dry, damaged leather is more susceptible to chemical and weather damage, breaking fibers, abrasion, and stiffness. We’ve formulated a leather care cream to clean and revive your favorite leather goods, so you can keep your BED|STU’s hydrated and looking their best all year long.


Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax & other natural cosmetic grade ingredients.

Leather Care How-To


Brush the surface of the leather using a clean, dry towel to remove any dirt from the surface. If there is excess dirt, use a damp towel to gently remove any impurities before applying any product. Avoid scrubbing the surface of the leather.


1. Using a soft sponge or towel, gather a small amount of product and gently apply it to the leather using light, circular motions. You may see slight color transfer on to your sponge/towel. This is normal.

2. Allow Revive to soak in. Remove any excess cream.

3. Buff with a brush or clean cloth (microfiber is recommended).

4. Repeat the process if desired. *Our leather conditioner may be used on all leathers with the exception of: buffalo, calfskin, suede or haircalf leathers.