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Responsible resolutions in 2022

BED|STÜ footwear is handmade in León, Mexico using traditional shoemaking processes.

Hello 2022! With the new year comes new resolutions. Work out, journal, budget (no thanks), go to sleep earlier (yes please). All great resolutions for your self-care, but what about resolutions that help our environment?

This past year individuals had time to take stock of what is important in their life- BED|STÜ sure did. We were always reminded of our roots and what makes us the most proud- that we craft our leather goods with sustainability in mind, using recycled material and renewable practices.

Here are the extra measures we take so you can be comfortable inside and out of your BED|STÜ’s.


Let’s rewind to 2005. That’s right, when cellphones flipped open, desktops weighed what seemed 100 lbs., YouTube was founded and BED|STÜ was paving the way towards more eco-friendly practices.

We started to work with “raw, naked” leathers, using as much of the hide as possible to reduce waste. Over the next several years we would be a pioneer in our industry by creating our own proprietary tanning blend sourced from nature, independently testing and certifying that our leathers remain Chrome and Formaldehyde free and introducing natural latex and water-based glues to our shoes.


Our products are made with only the highest quality, naturally vegetable tanned leathers- that way, they are safer for you, our workers and the environment. Natural latex, extracted from the sap of the rubber tree, is strong, very permeable and free of harmful chemicals. It’s also excellent for sweat absorption – double win!

To hold it all together, we only use natural, water-based glues with our products. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are naturally formaldehyde-free, so they are not harmful to you or the environment. Not to mention, to fill the midsole, we use a blend of natural bark from the cork tree and recycled leather shavings. Overtime, this blend creates a custom fit for lasting comfort.

In 2022 we continue to evolve our eco-friendly practices and challenge our team to test the boundaries of our sustainable efforts. As a family-owned business we want nothing but the best for our future generations and are so thankful that you are on this ride with us – Cheers to 2022.

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