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We Proudly Use Vegetable Tanned Leather

Our leathers are chrome free and we do not use any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Learn more about vegetable tanning.

What is it?

Vegetable tanning is the use of natural tannins found in tree bark, branches, leaves and plants, to tan leather. Our vegetable tanned leathers are Chromium free, we do not use any harmful chemicals or heavy metals in the process. Is is an old world method of tanning leathers that is environmentally friendly with 100% organic and biodegradable by-products. The resulting leathers and products will have a natural earthy aroma, and may even have a woodly "creak," when handled.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Process is based on natural extracts. Materials can be recycled. No harmful chemicals are used. Workers are not exposed to heavy metals, which are known to cause heath problems.
  • Breathable: Leather produced with vegetable tanning has a great ability of absorption and desorpion of perspiration, keeping the foot dry and comfortable.
  • Unique: Each leather product that is dyed using vegetable tanning is completely unique.
  • Ages Well: Vegetable tanned leathers possesses a distinguishable vintage look, which is maintained over the years.
  • Lengthy Process: The average process time for tanning is 3-6 hours. The average process time for vegetable tanning is 14-21 days.
  • More Expensive: Vegetable tanning is a longer process with higher quality ingredients and requires skilled craftsmen which create high final costs.
  • Color Limitations: Certain colors cannot be created using this method including white and other light colors

On October 19, we invited 30 New York editors to experience the hand-finishing process of our vegetable tanned leathers.

Video of several New York editors using sponges and brushes to hand dye Bed Stu leather bags

Experience True Craftsmanship

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