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Wooden Heels You Can Transition With

Are you looking for a heel to carry your wardrobe through the rest of Summer and well into Fall? Are you looking for a comfortable shoe that also gives you a little extra height? Are you looking for a heel that's both attractive and easy to walk in? Well, we've got you covered! With these transitional beauties, you'll be strutting down every aisle in the grocery store like the catwalk it should be. From late Summer BBQs to early Fall bonfires, you will be wearing these festive favorites with every outfit in your closet!

Two images of a woman sitting on a log in a shrubby area, wearing Bed Stu Fontella wooden heels in Black Lux

Let's begin with FONTELLA! This chunky platform sandal is made with a solid Chilean Pine sole, a wide, vegetable tanned leather strap that cradles your foot for all day comfort, and a rubber outsole, so slips and slides are NOT on your daily to-do list.

Wear FONTELLA for Summer: Pair this chunky platform with a structured denim skirt and a flowy blouse to create a balance between the tough denim, distressed leather, and soft fabric. Add a hat or sunglasses to finish the look, because why not? It IS still summer after all.

Images of a woman sitting in dry grass and laughing, wearing Bed Stu Fontella wooden heels in Tan Rustic Mason
FONTELLA: Tan Rustic Mason

Wear FONTELLA for Fall: Add a denim skinny jean and a loose blouse with a good drape to balance out FONTELLA's chunky wood platform. Feel free to pair this beauty with a 70's style flared jean and a vintage tee to create a more eclectic look. I mean, honestly, FONTELLA really pairs well with everything.

Images of a woman standing against a railing on a bridge, wearing a white romper and Bed Stu Kampala wooden heels in Bone Mason
KAMPALA: Bone Mason

Another favorite is here! KAMPALA has a slightly lower heel, but all the same style! With a solid Chilean Pine heel, whipstitched leather accents, edgy stud details and a rubber outsole, this is one sandal you'll be pairing with everything you own, well through Fall.

Wear KAMPALA for Summer: Show those toes in minimalist chic! We paired KAMPALA with a pristine white jumpsuit for a classic monochromatic look you'll be wearing to every Summer gathering until the weather changes. With this neutral in Bone Mason, you can truly play up your outfit with any color of your choosing.

Images of a woman standing in dirt holding onto a rusty metal fence, wearing all denim and Bed Stu Kampala wooden heels in Taupe Rustic
KAMPALA: Taupe Rustic

Wear KAMPALA for Fall: With the cooler weather approaching, we paired KAMPALA with a skinny cropped jean and a denim jacket to add a bit more warmth. As the weather starts cooling down even more, try pairing this fun sandal with mesh or lace socks, a fitted skirt and an oversized sweater, tucked into the front, for a super on-trend look for Fall! We can't wait to see you all rocking these beauties!

Don't forget to tag us in your photos on IG so we can get some style tips from you!! #bedstu Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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