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Making Green The New Black

We hate to be the people to claim we listened to the band before it was cool, but in this case…we did.

For over 15 years, BED|STÜ has been an industry leader in sustainability through our materials, processes and partners (Go us!). Our philosophy is simple: to create sustainable products that are made to last, using only the most natural ingredients. It’s better for us, our workers, and our planet. Being creators and consumers ourselves, we know the weight between bettering people’s lives through what we create and inherently producing “stuff”. We strive to keep an extremely high bar for our quality while having environmental consciousness in mind.

Goodyear Welt Close Up Image

One way we craft sustainable footwear is using the entirety of the hide to craft the body (ooh! One-of-a-kind!) rather than getting rid of the pieces that have imperfections. Lest we not forget about the Goodyear Welt! This process deals with attaching the outsole to the shoe, which means footwear can be resoled when worn down. Hello-911? I can keep my favorite pair of shoes by resoling them? We know- Game changer.

Better For you

BED|STÜ is excited to be partnered with UPS to send every package UPS carbon neutral which will help to offset the emissions from the shipment of every item purchased through our site – at no additional cost to our customers.


While this doesn’t touch on all of our sustainability efforts, we want you to know that you can look amazing (obviously) and feel amazing about wearing BED|STÜ.


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