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Earth Day 2023

Our Green Initiatives

We believe in the power of small changes to make a big impact. That's why, this Earth Day, we're shining a spotlight on our employees and their daily green initiatives.

Community Clean-Up's

This year for Earth Day, our BED|STÜ team members, around the country, went out for a neighborhood cleanup day! Not only were we doing something good for Mother Nature, but we also got to explore what this gorgeous Earth has to offer us!

Franklin, TN
Nashville, TN

Our TN BED|STÜ team hit downtown Nashville on the banks of the Cumberland River. Spring has sprung and it was a beautiful sunny day! Madeline Z., Social Media Specialist: “It was so fun to get out on one of the first warm days and clean up downtown! We even helped out some tourists looking for things to-do around town! They loved our BED|STÜ shoes we had on and it was a blast to help out the community!"

Ventura Cleanup
Ventura, CA

There's nothing like spending an afternoon on the beach and helping out the planet! Our California team got together at Ventura Pier Beach to do their community clean-up. Brian Calvert, Graphic Designer: “Who doesn't love getting out on the beach and doing some good for Mother Earth? We found so many things from shoes to fidget spinners that don't belong on the beach!”

We would love to see what you did in your BED|STÜ's or your own green initiatives for Earth Day! Tag us on social!
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