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48 Hours in Mexico. Honoring The Craft

The BED|STÜ way
Honoring The Craft
Close shot of a factory worker nailing small nails into the outer rim of a goodyear welted leather Bed Stu boot

The tradition of Cobbler shoe making has been passed down from generation to generation, and no place takes that tradition more seriously than the City of Leon, Mexico. Located 1100 miles south of the border, the city of Leon boasts the majority of the world’s shoe making. The BED|STÜ team took a trip down to document every aspect of the shoe making process.

Tight shot of a worker using a sharp tool to clean up the leather around the inner zipper of a leather goodyear welted Bed Stu boot

During the trip, the team visited 5 different factories that each specialize in a different step of the shoe making process. Some of those processes include; product development, hand weaving, heel mounting, lasting, stitching, washing, and finishing. Each step takes a vast amount of skill and attention to detail to achieve the desired look and feel for each individual shoe. Even when you work in the industry for many years, you can’t truly appreciate the construction quality until you’ve seen the process up close.

Wide shot of vast cornfields and green trees and grass with a small dirt pathway on the side
City of San Miguel

We were lucky enough to dedicate one entire day to exploring the countryside, so we packed up the car and headed to the city of San Miguel. The landscape on the way to San Miguel is beautiful, looking like something straight out of a painting.

Image of a cobblestone street lined with trees in San Miguel, which leads to a white towering building on the right

One thing we learned was to pay close attention while driving, since there are many random speed bumps in the middle of the roads. San Miguel is rich in Mexican heritage, but oddly has become a home to many U.S. tourists.

Close shot of a beautiful church in San Miguel with lit up windows

One thing you can’t mistake is how amazing the city’s architecture is. It’s unbelievable the amount of time that went into some of these heritage buildings. We toured along with the tourists, snapped unforgettable photos, picked up some totally unnecessary souvenirs, and tried our best not to look like tourists.

Black and white image of a shoemaker sitting on a stool, hand stitching a leather boot together

On the last day of our trip, we headed to the small town of Sahuayo, where they specialize in the process of hand weaving. This process is exhausting to watch, let alone do. It takes roughly an hour to hand weave a pair of our AURELIA gladiator sandals. We were able to film the entire process and we are excited to share the video after we finish editing. There is no doubt that the trip was a success.

We have tons of footage and a deeper understanding of the cobbler making process. We will be releasing content over the next few months that will go in depth each step in the shoe making process, so stay tuned! #HonoringTheCraft

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