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BED|STÜ Travels: Day Trip to Joshua Tree
Food + Travel , Lifestyle BED|STÜ Travels: Day Trip to Joshua Tree June 09, 2022

Set your out-of-office status because it is officially summer break!

Recently, we spent a day in Joshua Tree shooting more ss22 men’s and women’s new arrivals!

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MAGIC In Music City
Fashion , Food + Travel , Lifestyle MAGIC In Music City May 20, 2022

Let's go girls! You read that right: MAGIC has landed in Music City for the first time ever and our small (but mighty) Nashville squad hit the pink carpet to get the inside scoop!

MAGIC Nashville ran from Monday, May 16th to Tuesday, May 17th and it was jam-packed with vendors, educational sessions, and Nashville-esq activities!

MAGIC said this show was about “Delivering the experience MAGIC is known for with a Nashville twist, new and influential retailers – from boutique and specialty stores to big box, online, and key regional retailers – explore the latest trends, discover margin-building products, connect with a new community of established and emerging players.”.

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Off The Shores of The Salton Sea: Bombay Beach
Food + Travel , Behind The Scenes Off The Shores of The Salton Sea: Bombay Beach March 25, 2022

We spent about 48 Hours in Bombay Beach, CA capturing content for our 2022 Festival campaign.

This living ghost town sits right off the shores of the Salton Sea, the largest lake in California. This location is known for being a graveyard of Coachella and Burning Man’s past art installations.

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Style Edit- Nashville’s Printers Alley
Fashion , Food + Travel , Lifestyle Style Edit- Nashville’s Printers Alley January 07, 2022

We hit Nashville’s Printers Alley with both new selections and revisited classics for men and women.

Not far from the honky-tonks, you will find Nashville’s Printers Alley. This stretch located between Third and Fourth Avenues gives off more of a grit and rugged character than other Nashville neighborhoods…just the way we like it. We spent 2 brisk weathered days shooting these styles with our models, Cardin and Nick.

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High Quality > Fast Fashion
Food + Travel , Behind The Scenes , Sustainability High Quality > Fast Fashion May 28, 2019

While walking through the streets of Rome, Italy, I stumbled upon a small restaurant owned by an older Italian woman. Her sun kissed hands told her story well: she had been raised in the hills of Tuscany, on her family’s farm, where she tilled the soil and grew fresh vegetables, dripping with crisp flavors you can only find in the heart of Italy. I remember taking the first bite of pizza – it was unimaginable, and I felt strange even calling “pizza,” because it tasted like a completely different dish. It wasn’t anything like the fast food or frozen pizza I had previously enjoyed in the states.

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The Best of Nashville in 48 hours
Food + Travel The Best of Nashville in 48 hours April 01, 2019

As movies are to Hollywood, country music is to Nashville, but you don’t have to be a country fan to enjoy this bustling metropolis, dripping with southern charm.

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5 Fall soups to warm your heart...and your belly!
Food + Travel 5 Fall soups to warm your heart...and your belly! October 27, 2018

It’s Fall, and here at BED|STU, we’ve been obsessing over soups this season, so we put together a list of a few different recipes for you to try with your family this season!

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NYC Denim Days
Food + Travel , Behind The Scenes NYC Denim Days October 24, 2018

Denim Days is unlike anything we’ve been to before; vendors were hand-dying denim, embroidering jeans, and creating custom pieces from scratch, right in the venue!

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5 places you'll want to stop in NYC!
Food + Travel 5 places you'll want to stop in NYC! October 01, 2018

With a diverse artistic culture, breathtaking skyscrapers, some of the best restaurants in the world, and juxtaposed fashion everywhere, why wouldn’t you visit New York City immediately?

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