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BED|STÜ at Home: Sustainable Tie Dye
Lifestyle BED|STÜ at Home: Sustainable Tie Dye February 09, 2021

Team BED|STÜ gets eco-crafty with organic cotton totes, boiling water, and an unlikely source of color - food scraps

I have always been a big fan of cooking, even before I was in full WFH mode. I love the process and the science behind mixing ingredients, the way things baking in my oven fill my home with yummy smells… and of course, eating it! I’m no Top Chef™, but I think it’s pretty dang good… HOWEVER at the end of a night, my kitchen is a disaster between the dishes and all of the food waste (think orange peels to avocado pits and everything in between). While I’m all about composting, I wondered if I could use this edible pallet for some fun crafting…


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