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The BED|STÜ Blog is a way for you to step inside our world and see what makes us tick. We hope to inspire you as we seek to shed light on inspiring crafts in design, style, photography, food and drink, music, and more.

FW21 Lookbook
Fashion , Lifestyle FW21 Lookbook November 15, 2021

After rebounding from loungewear and ZOOM meetings, FW2021 is all about going out and feeling joy in timeless pieces that can be worn for years to come.

This villa nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains just north of Malibu served as the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The home was framed by evergreen succulents, trees and flowers and bushes; setting the perfect stage to capture our FW21 collection.

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Halloween 2021: Dressing Up Your Bed|Stü's
Fashion , Lifestyle Halloween 2021: Dressing Up Your Bed|Stü's October 29, 2021

Handing out candy or going to a spooky party? Here are ideas of how to style your Bed|Stü’s for Halloween!

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Making Green The New Black
Lifestyle Making Green The New Black October 29, 2021

We hate to be the people to claim we listened to the band before it was cool, but in this case…we did.

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The Ventura Coast Brewing Company
The Ventura Coast Brewing Company August 19, 2021

It’s Canning Day at the Ventura Coast Brewing Company.

Walking down Main Street in Ventura, CA is always an adventure. You never know who you’ll run into amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy weekend, or what treasure you’ll find at the various locally owned and operated shops and restaurants. But hook a left down Oak Street and you’ll find an unassuming, off-white, building just at the corner of Oak and Thompson with understated signage reading “Ventura Coast Brewing Company” home to one of most popular Downtown Ventura hangouts

Owned by Ventura native, Kyle Thille, VCBC was founded in 2016 with the goal of helping grow the craft beer culture in Ventura. Often brewing small batches at a time of various beer styles to suit a range of tastes (not unlike our small batch, seasonal artisan finish capsules!)


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SS21 Lookbook
SS21 Lookbook May 19, 2021

SS21 has brought in pieces both new and familiar, all offering the same handmade quality & construction, and timeless style that will last all season long and beyond!

Tucked away off a main road in Ojai, CA lies a small, Spanish-inspired gathering spot full of whimsy and adventure, known for its décor, drinks, and good times. Bursting with warm, Southern California light and bright, bold colors to echo our SS21 line, Tipple & Ramble served as not only the shoot location for the day, but also as inspiration for a future filled with long-awaited reunions and quality time spent with our loved ones.

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BED|STÜ at Home: Sustainable Tie Dye
Lifestyle BED|STÜ at Home: Sustainable Tie Dye February 09, 2021

Team BED|STÜ gets eco-crafty with organic cotton totes, boiling water, and an unlikely source of color - food scraps

I have always been a big fan of cooking, even before I was in full WFH mode. I love the process and the science behind mixing ingredients, the way things baking in my oven fill my home with yummy smells… and of course, eating it! I’m no Top Chef™, but I think it’s pretty dang good… HOWEVER at the end of a night, my kitchen is a disaster between the dishes and all of the food waste (think orange peels to avocado pits and everything in between). While I’m all about composting, I wondered if I could use this edible pallet for some fun crafting…


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FW20 Lookbook
Fashion FW20 Lookbook October 06, 2020

The transition into the autumn months means one thing: boot season is back! Get ready to FALL in love (see what we did there?) with both our newest selection and revisited classics for men and women

On a warm, sunny, Southern California morning, we drove up a narrow winding road just off the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to head up into the mountains of Malibu. Past a “Private Property” sign and up another shorter, even more narrow, winding road, we pulled into the driveway of the guest house on an old ranch property (famously used as a filming location!), where we would spend the day shooting the key styles of our Fall/Winter 2020 collection with our models, Natasha and Marland, stylist Ashley, and Tea

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Staff Style: WFH to Going Out
Lifestyle Staff Style: WFH to Going Out September 04, 2020

Staying home or going out? These pieces go with you! Our crew shares their favorite ways to style their BED|STÜs.

While it's safer to stay home, it's nice to go out.

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Summer Picks: Our Favorite Sandals
Fashion Summer Picks: Our Favorite Sandals July 13, 2020

Our favorite sandals are perfect for summertime adventures (and beyond!)

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