Spring/Summer 24

International summer skies and scenes- featuring baby blues and pinks, our collection embraces the essence of nature through intricate cutouts and detailing.

Unique, statement-making pieces

Prints. Piping. Patchwork.

Infusing a playful and artistic touch into our footwear and handbag designs this season that celebrate the beauty of diversity and craftsmanship.


Our prints collection is a whimsical realm where butterflies and floral designs come with every step. Inspired by the beauty of nature, each design evokes a sense of wonder and playfulness.


In this collection, we took classic styles and elevated them with the graceful touch of piping. With meticulous craftsmanship, the piping becomes a captivating border, tracing the contours and adding a touch of refinement.


This collection emerges as a canvas of artistic expression, stitching design with creativity and unconventional charm. With its playful combination of colors and textures, our patchwork style redefines traditional footwear, adding a funky twist to every step.
In the Details

Our collection embraces the essence of nature through intricate cutouts and detailing.

Laser Cutouts

The fusion of technology with artistic creativity has paved the way for stunning and eye-catching shoe designs.


The butterfly detail on our footwear and handbags offers visual appeal and imparts a whimsical and enchanting touch.

Floral Cutouts

These intricately crafted cutouts, inspired by the beauty of nature's blooms, turning them into wearable pieces of art.

Color Block Patchwork

By juxtaposing different colors in distinct sections or panels, color adds a playful versatility and artistic element to our shoes and accessories.

Our Color Palette