Vegetable Tanning 101

Vegetable Tanning 101

Do you know what your shoes are made of?

Did you know that we only tan our leather using organic ingredients? The process called "vegetable tanning" has many benefits, including:

  • a longer life (most veg-tanned leather goods tend to be thicker and last longer than chrome-tanned leathers since they go through a less intensive treatment during the tanning process and instead, naturally break in as you use them; they typically last many decades or even a lifetime!)
  • a natural (non-toxic) smell (we use only tannins from plants and extracts rather than using toxic chemicals)
  • it creates a rich patina and builds character with age
  • has amazing breathability (especially helpful with shoes, since it is able to eliminate the accumulation of moisture and prevents bacteria, fungus, and irritation.) ⬅️ Gross, we know, but necessary to say, since it's one of our favorite benefits!
  • is healthy and eco friendly 

The health of vegetable tanning

Our vegetable tanned leathers are both healthy for the workers who tan them and for you as a consumer! ? We use a special blend of plants, herbs and extracts to achieve leather that embodies the ideal texture, strength and softness in order to create your most perfectly imperfect BED|STU shoe or bag.

Perfectly Imperfect

With vegetable tanning, the immediate color results usually vary quite a bit. This is because we use 100% organic ingredients to tan our leather. A plant cultivated in a different season or herbs from various geographical locations could easily change the color, creating a perfectly imperfect, and unique outcome; which is the heart of BED|STU.❤️️

What are your shoes made of?