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BED|STÜ X JP Harris Spin Party
The Hotel Indigo at Countrypolitan held our first annual SPIN party we co-hosted with JP Harris in the heart of Nashville in Printer’s Alley. We couldn’t think of a more perfect venue—the vibe + location were pure magic. We gifted 100 pairs of shoes to AmericanaFest performing artists who were invited to come & mingle, pick up their shoes, and enjoy music and beverages.
YAZOO Beers on display

Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery, which is made right here in Nashville, provided their award-winning whiskey and the most delicious signature cocktails (think: bitters, lemon & lime, strawberry lemonade and more…). Oh! And did we mention the branded “whiskey-drinking socks” Greenbrier gave out (talk about a perfect pairing with new BED|STÜ’s)?! YAZOO Brewing Company made sure we had plenty of IPAs & Ales on ice for the event! We could not get over the cool cans (and the YAZOO brews are so.good.). If you’re in the area, you can take a tour or do a tasting at both fine establishments….

Back to the evening…as artists packed into our SPIN party, they were greeted by The Deslondes spinning their favorite records. Something about whiskey, good vinyls, and new shoes, makes people want to dance…and…well…that’s what they did! We had people two-stepping, swing dancing, and well…. we don’t know what to call the other moves, but they were SMOOTH! Most of the artists were either headed to (or coming from) performing around Nashville and were so excited to take a break at our exclusive social where they were fitted for their BED|STÜ’s by our BED|STÜ team, fall in love with the brand (obviously), catch up with other artists, and sip on the finest of bevvies.

artists trying on bedstus

The highlight was seeing artists walk in with their own shoes on and glide out in their new BED|STÜ’s, heading to their next venue…not to mention the look on their faces when they slid into their first pair of BED|STÜ’s (they are SO comfortable and our veg-tanned leather is so buttery)….SUCH a memorable night that ended with so many new connections, BED|STÜ fans, and our BED|STÜ team becoming solid fans of so many talented artists! We can’t wait for next year…. Enjoy pictures below from the night!

BED|STÜ X JP Harris Spin Party BED|STÜ X JP Harris Spin Party
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