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Sustainable Brands To Watch

From using recycled materials and no harsh chemicals to developing even more earth-friendly packaging, we’re committed to helping the planet today…and every day! That’s why when we find other brands that have the same eco-conscious goals, we want to share them with you! Here are our top five sustainable brands we are loving right now…

Refill Store

Refill shops and locations are popping up in new cities every day. Our Nashville-based marketing team shared The Good Fill as their favorite in music city!

How it works: You bring your own bottles or can purchase some from The Good Fill and refill with their plant-based, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced bath, home, and body products. This method helps keep disposable plastics out of landfills and resource-intensive recycling systems! This process is amazing for mother earth, and we love that they offer scented and unscented versions!

The Good Fill also does a great job of giving helpful tips on living a better, low-waste lifestyle on their blog HERE.

Our Place

Not only do we find Our Place products beautiful, but they’re also safe, eco-friendly and they are a mission-driven brand! Our Place uses a non-toxic, environmentally friendly ceramic non-stick coating for their nonstick Always Pan! That means no PFOA, PTFE, GenX chemicals, or other questionable materials in sight!

They also have tableware such as glasses which are made from a portion of recycled glass and natural sand and are also naturally dyed! Their Always Pan is made from a portion of recycled materials as well and their packaging is 100% free of plastics! Not to mention it’s fully recyclable and biodegradable, and innovatively designed to eliminate the need for a shipper box!

Their products are intended to streamline your kitchen and reduce the number of items you need to buy (SCORE!).

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective believes that good things come to those who don’t waste…and we agree! Girlfriend Collective is an athleisure brand that is super transparent about all its sustainable practices and endeavors. Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable, and their clothing is made from recycled materials like post-consumer water bottles, fishing nets retrieved from the seas, fabric scraps, and other waste. You can even find a complete breakdown of each product’s makeup on the product page.

We loved to learn about their fabric and how it’s dyed with eco-friendly dyes! Their unique dyeing process, like ours, can result in some irregularities in color, which are not considered damages!

All their textiles are made from recycled materials in various facilities across the globe and all of the factories they work with are verified by third parties and have certifications like SA8000 and WRAP. SA8000 is a social accountability standard, and certificate developed by Social Accountability International (SAI).

You can read so much more about their sustainability HERE.


OSEA has been around since 1996 and is an og in the beauty space! For over 27 years, they’ve been on a mission to create clean, seaweed-infused skincare that respects the natural world and makes skin look and feel it's absolute best. OSEA, since the beginning, believed that sustainability is our only future.

They are Climate Neutral Certified, Ocean Positive Verified, and are transitioning product pups and lids to PCR material or alternative materials! They are also proud to be increasing the percentage of post-consumer use material in their product unit boxes, relying less on virgin paper!

You can read about their sustainability HERE.

Harpeth Goods co. and The highway kind of vintage model

We’ve talked about our love for Harpeth Goods Co. before! We can’t get enough of the perfectly curated vintage finds they offer! Many of our photoshoots consist of styles pulled from Harpeth Goods Co. which allows us to not shop fast fashion for one-time uses! Recently we got to use some amazing pieces from The Potter's Daughter. Sarah, the founder, takes heritage quilts and gives them new lives as heirloom quilt coats, bags, traveler kits, and so much more! We love the idea of giving things new life and getting creative with it! You can find her wonderful creations here.

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