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Summer Staff Picks
As warm and sunny days arrive, our staff has hit refresh on their summer picks.
FABIOLA Wooden Wedge

"Love a wood platform look, but me and my bum ankle have a hard time with the sky-high heels. FABIOLA is not too high, not too low, she’s juuust riiiight. FABIOLA works well with my wide-leg denim for a casual summer evening cocktail hour." -Sandi

ABRAHAM LIGHT men's slide-style sandal

"If I am not wearing my BED|STÜ boots, I am wearing ABRAHAM LIGHT with the XL Extralight outsole. So soft and comfortable, I can wear them all day!" -Jason

KIMBERLY Woven leather sandal

"KIMBERLY takes my favorite BED|STÜ style (SOTO) and adds beautiful weave detail - It's such a fantastic update to one of our staple sandals! I can't tell you how to style her because there is no wrong way - I wear her with EVERYTHING (except socks). KIMBERLY has become my new go-to, making 2023 an endless summer." -Christine

PRISCILLA small leather saddle bag

"PRISCILLA should be named PERFECT. I love the curved body of this saddlebag. Pro-tip: weave the cross-body strap through your belt loops and rock her as a belt bag...CUTEST. LOOK.EVER." -Madeline

SANDRO Leather boots

"Extremely stylish and sleek! SANDRO is the perfect choice for when I want to look my best. With aspects such as needing little to no time to break in, to the earthy and distressed finishes, SANDRO complements any business casual or dress attire for this summer season." -Cody

ARTEMIA leather platform sandal

"ARTEMIA is my all-time favorite! Perfect to wear in the warmer weather with capris. They're so comfortable you can wear them if you're on your feet all day or just hanging out with family. I love the finishing touches on the colors - it makes them pop!" -Stephanie

ILLIAD Leather Dress shoe

"My favorite part about ILLIAD is how soft the leather becomes with wear and how sturdy the construction is; it makes for a perfect balance. It's a great shoe for those casual nights with friends or family!" -Josh

FAIRLEE II Leather Slide Sandal

"FAIRLEE II is the summer slip-on that perfectly blends comfort and quality. The foam platform outsole is lightweight and great for warm summer days. I love to pair FAIRLEE II with a linen pant, cropped tee, and headscarf for a touch of print." -Nicole

LORDMIND Leather hightop sneaker

"Summertime versatility at its finest, I own three different colorways but it’s the style that really makes it a no-brainer walking out the door. To be able to throw on a lightweight high top in summer is no easy feat, but that’s where LORDMIND reigns supreme in my closet!" -Brian

CADENCE Leather clutch and crossbody

"I am so in love with CADENCE - I want it in every color! It is the perfect size to fit my iPhone in one pocket and my essentials in the other. I also love that the magnetic strap keeps all of my cards safe. While I normally use the clutch strap, it is nice to have the cross-body strap for nights out. CADENCE is the accessory!" -Annabelle

By Madeline Zafft

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