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Staff Valentine's Day Picks
No secret admirers here! The BED|STÜ team revealed which styles they're currently crushing on.
LETIZIA women's tall leather boot

"Roses are red, violets are blue LETIZIA is my newest obsession. How 'bout you? A flat heel on a tall boot. Oh, how I love thee! I'm bewitched by both colors, wouldn't you agree?" -Sandi

LIGHTHOUSE men's sneaker

"Why wear the same old, worn-out kicks for Valentine's day this year? When instead, you could stand out and be a beacon of fashion to your loved one and lace up in the comfiest sneakers you’ll probably ever own! Now I’m not saying you won’t have to do some LEG WORK and pick up the chocolates and flowers, but you can at least look good and be comfortable while ya do it! Turn down the lights, and turn up in the LIGHTHOUSE this season." -Brian

PRISCILLA leather belt bag

"Who needs chocolates or flowers when fine leather goods exist? This kidney-shaped bag has me crushing hard for its versatility. It can be worn as a crossbody bag or doubles as a fanny pack. PRISCILLA, will you be mine?" -Nicole

SANDRO mens leather boot

"If you’re still looking for a gift for a special someone, nothing says “be mine” like the classic SANDRO. Distressed yet formal make the perfect combination for wearing anytime or anywhere with friends, family, or simply for spending time with your significant other." -Cody

TACTIC TREK women's boot

"I would wear the TACTIC TREK Cranberry Tie Dye to add a pop color to my outfit! I love how bright the cranberry color is! I would wear it with a white cardigan with some bell-bottom blue jeans." -Stephanie

VENTURA small crossbody handbag

"No matter where I’m headed, VENTURA is my go-to bag! I love everything about it – its compact size is perfect for my everyday essentials, and its simple, classic silhouette makes for effortless pairing with any outfit. You can’t go wrong with VENTURA; I already have three (and counting)!" -Nicole

ODETTE women's wedge

"Like the peanut butter to my jelly or the burger to my fries, ODETTE is my match! Oh, ODETTE, the woven upper and peep toe makes my heart skip a beat! You're my sole mate!" -Madeline

BECCA womens classic leather ankle boot

"I love the BECCA! She's so comfortable and the fit leaves very little to break in! It stylishly pairs well with pretty much everything from jeans to dresses and everything in between! For your entertainment, a dad joke: Why did the sheriff lock up his girlfriend? She stole his heart!" -Allison

LYNE womens sneaker

"Nothing is sweeter than our classic sneaker with edge—that’s how I like to describe LYNE. The perf detail and color contrast elevate this everyday sneaker. I’m in LOVE. #swoon" -Christine

By Madeline Zafft

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