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Spring Cleaning 101: The Forgotten Areas

Spring has arrived! And guess what that means?

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The age-old tradition of Spring cleaning! It can become overwhelming fairly quickly. So many things to clean, so many rooms, so little time. Breaking down your home area by area can help make this daunting task a little more feasible. It is easy to remember the standard cleaning guidelines; wipe down counters, vacuum carpets and rugs, dust the ceiling fan, but what makes Spring cleaning different than the standard weekly or monthly cleaning you already do? "Spring Cleaning" is usually the practice of deep cleaning areas and objects that can get neglected throughout the year; in other words, focusing your attention on the forgotten. We have complied a list of the most common forgotten cleaning steps by room. Happy cleaning!

  1. Little Appliances
  2. Coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, ice makers, and garbage disposals tend to get used on the daily. Give them a little cleaning love to ensure they work at top condition for you throughout the year.

  3. Laundry Baskets And Hampers
  4. We often forget we will fill them with our dirty clothes and could use a good wipe down!

  5. Trash Cans
  6. Sounds a little weird, but with a good cleaning, they can stay smelling decent even when filled with trash.

  7. Underneath And In Between Appliances
  8. Dust, dirt, and crumbs can easily fall and accumulate in between the little space crevices as well as underneath appliances like the refrigerator and stove.

  9. Cleaning Tools Like Vacuums, Brooms, And Mops
  10. Again, a little weird, but they are constantly coming in contact with dirt. Give them a quick clean or replace.

  1. Remote Controls
  2. Typically, this an item that gets touched often and is only cleaned when we get something on it. Give it a mini deep clean and sanitize.

  3. Knobs, Handles, And Switches
  4. Another set of items touched multiple times throughout the day.

  5. Throw Pillows
  6. They may be decorative but they need some cleaning love too!

  7. Underneath Rugs, Couches, Chairs, And Furniture
  8. It can be pain moving things around, but this is the time!

  1. Flip Your Mattress
  2. This best practice is easy to remember if you do it at the beginning of each year.

  3. The Walls And Shelves In Your Closet
  4. Floors tend to be the main focus when cleaning. The walls and shelves can gather dust too.

  5. Comforters And Pillows
  6. Washing sheets and pillowcases happens regularly. Be sure to wash your comforter and pillows on occasion too!

  7. Underneath The Bed, Furniture, And Rugs
  8. Again, a pain, but this is the time to get those areas nice and clean.

  9. Nightstand Drawer
  10. Can sometimes become your bedrooms junk drawer. Give it a good wipe down.

  1. Toothbrush Holders
  2. They can get dirty fairly quickly. Throw it in the dishwasher for a good deep clean.

  3. Plungers And Scrubbing Brushes
  4. Should be given a little cleaning love on occasion. A quick wipe down or rinse is all it takes!

  5. Inside Bathroom Cabinets And Drawers
  6. Always a good best practice to remove everything and give the inside of drawers and cabinets a wipe down.

  1. Wash The Patio
  2. Rinse down with the hose to remove dirt and grime.

  3. Clean The Garage, Including The Garage Floor
  4. Another forgotten area. And don’t forget to rinse the garage floor!

  5. Outdoor Lights
  6. Check and make sure lights are working and replace any broken pieces.

  7. Dead Trees And Plants
  8. Spring is here and it is time to remove the dead plants to make room for the new!

  1. The Ceiling
  2. The floor is a cleaning given but don’t forget about the ceiling! Dust can accumulate there as well.

  3. On Top Of Tall Things
  4. A quick swipe with the duster should suffice.

  5. Your Phone, Headphones, And Hand Held Electronics
  6. They get used regularly but probably aren’t the focus when it comes to cleaning. Make sure to sanitize these items on occasion.

  7. Your Cards
  8. They get swiped, touched, dropped, etc. A quick wipe down can help sanitize them.

  9. Your Gym Bag And Reusable Grocery Bags
  10. Wipe them down to ensure they stay nice and clean.


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