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Repair and Restore: Everyone Loves a Rescue Story

Introducing the BED|STÜ Rescue Program!

Have you ever found yourself captivated by one of those abandoned pet videos on social media? You know the ones…a scared, matted, mangy puppy is found, taken in, and literally brought back to life. Maybe you love to watch house renovation shows, or listen to podcasts that recount people’s experiences turning their lives around for the better.

The point is, we all love a “rescue story”—watching a heroic transformation.

BED|STÜ footwear is handmade in León, Mexico using traditional shoemaking processes.

Here at BED|STÜ, we feel the same. So much so, we want to give you the chance to create your own “rescue story” by launching our BED|STÜ Rescue Workshop.

We're asking you to dig out those old favorites, maybe a pair of Proteges whose soles are simply worn out, or that Rockaway bag you have tucked away in your closet that you just couldn’t bring yourself to throw away.

Replacement soles, heels, zippers, magnets, or even just conditioning are often all they need, and you’d be surprised at just how incredible the transformation can be.


Cobbler is holding leather boots at repair workshop

With over 70 years of combined experience in the boot and shoe repair industry, our craftsmen and rescue team have been working on tooling up our shop, making it ready to restore your old friends.

While we’ve brought in some of the most advanced equipment in the trade, some of our hand tools are decades old; the perfect example is one of our favorite finishing machines, which turns 100 years old this year.

We've rescued this fine old machine many times through the years, and like BED|STÜ shoes, boots, and accessories, because she’s made so well, she was worth the rescue…every time.


So we're excited, to say the least. To finally be able to service our products and restore them to their former glory is very important to us here.

We're passionate about finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and we invite you to join us by sending in your old favorites for restoration instead of sending them off to a landfill.

So thank you, and congratulations for making such a great investment in BED|STÜ products. Now it’s time to take care of them and extend their lives, and we are proud to say we're here…and we've come to their rescue.

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