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Our Goodyear Welt

At the heart of traditional shoe-making techniques is one known as “Goodyear Welt”. A welt in general is a strip of material stitched to the shoe’s upper, insole, and an anchor known as the rib, acting as a point of attachment for the outsole.

Three shots of a worker taking a shoe through various stages of the goodyear welting process

At BED|STÜ, our welt is always leather and the cavity created between the welt and the insole is filled with leather and cork shavings for both comfort and breathability. The cobbler then cements and stitches the outsole to the welt. This nostalgic process is known as a Goodyear Welt Construction, named after the English inventor, Charles Goodyear, Jr., who developed this very unique artisan procedure/technique in 1869 in his quest to give the user a shoe that would last a “lifetime," since this means once the outsole of a boot or shoe is worn down, it can be removed by a skilled shoe cobbler and replaced without losing the overall comfort and fit of the well worn shoe.

Our Goodyear Welt Our Goodyear Welt Our Goodyear Welt
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