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Motherhood, big shoes to fill.

With Motherhood, comes some pretty big shoes to fill. We had our BED|STÜ team bring in their kiddos to see what they had to say about their moms (and what our moms had to say about motherhood).

Wide shot of blonde mom sitting on a white backdrop with her two sons on either side looking at her lovingly; boys are wearing BLUEGILL mens canvas slip on sneaker, and RAYLAN mens high-top vegetable tanned leather sneaker; mom is wearing SOTO G in tan womens open toe leather sandal

“Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had and also the greatest privilege. Shaping their tiny hearts is an honor.”

- Christine, a single mom to two boys, Tanner (12) and Beckett (9)

Brunette Mom wearing yellow sweater, distressed jeans and BEDSTU Las Cruces woven leather huarache sandals, standing with young son wearing teal t-shirt, jeans and oversized BEDSTU leather mens boots.

Many moms have to balance a full-time job, doctor’s appointments, grocery trips, sports, laundry, dishes, lunches, bath time (and that’s a short list), all while attempting to keep their cool, put a smile on their face, and limitless patience with their kids. While sometimes it can feel very thankless, the struggle truly doesn’t go unnoticed.

 “[She's] my friend who builds Legos, plays board games and makes jokes to make me laugh a lot.”

- Mikey (8), describing his mom, Isabel

Brunette mom smiling, looking down at son, wearing yellow top and dark jeans, holding baby in one hand and toddler is looking up at her holding her legs.
“Moms struggle in general but I'm not going for perfection...I just want my kids to be happy, healthy and fed"

- Nicole, a full-time, working mother of two boys under 3

“My mom goes above and beyond for us and is very kind to us.” “She’s helpful and gives us things to help us later on in life.”

- Tanner and Beckett, of mother, Christine

“She is supportive, protective and really kind.”

- Syd (8), of mother, Sandi

Wide shot of auburn haired mom sitting on the ground with young daughter wearing jean jacket, black and white skirt and BECCA womens distressed black leather bootie, daughter is holding pink tulips and looking at her lovingly, wearing jean vest and striped dress.

“The love a mom has for her child is indescribable & unmeasurable. It’s beyond what you ever fathomed you could feel for another human being and it only grows deeper. Motherhood is a gift.”

- Christine

From our BED|STÜ family to yours, we want to thank all the moms out there. Thank you for picking us up when we have fallen down. Thank you for your words of encouragement on tough days. Thank you for guiding us through the storms. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. And thank you for always being our biggest fans. We couldn't do it without you, and we are beyond grateful.

Happy Mother's Day!

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