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Halloween 2021: Dressing Up Your Bed|Stü's

Handing out candy or going to a spooky party? Here are ideas of how to style your Bed|Stü’s for Halloween!

DELLA Boots Witch Costume
Put a spell on you...

Add a little bit of practical magic and dress up your DELLA'S to be a wickedly stylish witch. Pair these tall boots with a dress like this one from Zara and a witch’s hat. Pull a black top and black bottoms from your closet to make it an even easier DIY costume. If you are feeling extra, grab that broom from your closet - You will 100% be that witch.


HERMIONE Baby from Dirty Dancing Costume
Nobody puts Baby in a corner

That’s right…we are throwing it back to 1987. Who doesn’t want to be Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman from Dirty Dancing and fantasize about that infamous lift scene? Kick on your HERMIONE'S in Nectar Lux on and pull this look together with a pair of Levi's denim shorts, A Free People Body Suit, the PROEM belt and of course a watermelon. We are sure to have the time of our lives in this costume.


BARRYMORE Octoberfest Costume Graphic

Get your beer stein ready with this Octoberfest costume! Grab your BARRYMORE's, tan shorts, an off-white Henley shirt, suspenders and a fedora hat. The Hills are Alive with the sound of how cute this costume will look!


SABINE Costume Inspo
Peace, Love and SABINE

Get ready to put the peace sign up! Whip out your SABINE'S to create the perfect hippie costume. All you need is a groovy dress like this one from Zara, a silk scarf and some funky sunglasses.


We hope these DIY costumes help if you have a last-minute costume party or if you are sneaking candy between trick-or-treaters (we all do it). We can’t wait to see how you dressed your BED|STÜ’S up for Halloween. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you get spooky with your BED|STÜ’S.

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