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BED|STÜ Real People: Allison Wiens

BED|STÜ’s Real People – Featuring genuine, unique folks who inspire us (and love BED|STÜ)

Introducing our brand-new community of trailblazers, trendsetters, and day-makers: BED|STÜ’s Real People - where we feature genuine, unique folks who inspire us (and love BED|STÜ). In this series, we’ll get to pull back the curtain and learn a little more about the lives of these creators, movers, and go-getters! Meet Allison Wiens, our first BED|STÜ Real Person feature. We caught up with Allison on her ranch in Colorado, where we learned about day-to-day life running their family ranch PLUS we got a bts peek at her favorite BED|STÜ styles & how she rocks them, rancher style.
Colorado based ranch wife Allison Wiens.

Bed|Stü: Hey Allison, tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’d love to! I’m a mother of 2 boys; Henry Hawker (5 1/2 yrs. old) and T.W. Boone (3 1/2 yrs. old). We live on and help run my husband's family ranch in Sedalia, Colorado. We run registered black Angus for our Farm to Fork beef program and have horses, chickens, a turkey, and mini highlands. My husband and I are both natives of Colorado and feel so blessed to be able to raise our boys in the country.

Ranch wife, Allison Wiens wears BED|STU Sandals.>
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Every day is different here. The livestock need fed and watered, and that never changes. But every season brings new tasks and prep for our land and animals. Right now, we’re calving. Calving season lasts about 3-4 months; depending on when our cows were bred. There’s nothing better than seeing new babies come to life! It brings joy and liveliness to the ranch unlike anything else can. In Spring and Summer, we brand our calves, irrigate our land, and spray herbicides to maintain good pasture grass, and hay so we can feed our animals through Winter. Every day is different, and every day is a gift.

Singer/songwriter Brooke White wearing Bed|Stü's Ellice handmade leather boot in her home music room.

Bed|Stü: What is your “go-to” Bed|Stü style for stomping around while on the farmstead?

I have been living in my Ginger booties this year! They are so comfortable, stylish, and durable! I absolutely love how easy they are to style. They go with everything!!!

Singer/songwriter Brooke White wearing Bed|Stü's Brenda handmade leather flat in her Southern California home.

Bed|Stü: You and your hubby are “hitting the town”. Tell us about what you’re wearing, head to toe.

IMHO, I can never go wrong with a white tee, a great pair of jeans, turquoise jewelry, and a fun pair of BED|STÜ wedges! Classic, flattering and comfortable.

Bed|Stü: Are there any sustainable practices you are passionate about that you implement on your ranch?

Absolutely! Pasture management is vital for our land. We rotate our animals to different pastures to promote healthy grass growth while keeping our livestock fed and happy. Some of our animals (our highlands) are very easy keepers and actually will eat weeds helping us improve the quality of our pastures. We use the manure/waste from our cattle and horses to fertilize the land. Natural and renewable water sources are used to irrigate our pastures and to fill a complex system of stock ponds. Farmers and ranchers are the smartest people I know because they use what resources they have to create longevity for their land and animals.

You can follow Allison and learn more about her at HERE!

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