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BED|STÜ Happy Hour Styles

Did someone say happy hour? We’re in! Here are some of our latest arrivals and their happy hour counterparts! Can you tell that we wrote this on a Friday afternoon? Cheers!

SHIRIN wooden wedge in tan
Espresso Martini - SHIRIN

The Espresso Martini started out this summer as the “IT DRINK”. We were seeing this bad boy on every menu and EVERY Instagram post. If you are ordering an espresso martini, you need an equal style to match your “it girl” energy! SHIRIN in tan dip dye is your gal. This wooden wedge brings boldness with her unique cutouts, ghillie tie, and circular perforations!

GRETTEL wooden wedge in pink

Is there a better duo than a Cosmo and GRETTEL in pink? The answer is no. These two are the perfect pair because they have both stood the tale of time but have a fun twist! GRETTEL has been a five-star style for ages and now she's offered in this GORGEOUS Pink Rustic Mason finish. GRETTEL is ultra-feminine with her crisscross strap across the toe, adjustable ankle strap, and flat metal studs which pairs nicely with a cosmopolitan!

ZARIA slingback

We love a refreshing vodka soda with a little lime wedge and ZARIA is giving us all the vodka soda vibes. This fun sling-back has simple but elevated details like a butted seam, and pointed toe, and is a great go-to style (like a vodka soda).

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