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Grecian Getaway with BED|STÜ

Dreaming of hitting the beach in Santorini or dancing the night away in Mykonos? We’ve got you covered. Introducing HERA, CALLISTA, and KARINE - the latest sustainable sandals by BED|STÜ.

These sandals are all hand-made with twice-tanned leather soles made to last the test of time. They also have minimal to no stitching for a natural look and a Vibram plate on the outsole which provides traction for even more longevity (basically they’ll last forever!).

When creating these sandals, we were inspired by all the Grecian Goddess vibes, the clean architecture, and the naturalist ways of some of the islands. Even if you don’t have plans of island hopping in Greece, these staple sandals styles will last a lifetime. Opa!

BEDSTU Grecian Sandals

The goddess of women, marriage, family, and women in childbirth, Hera rules over Mount Olympia as queen of the gods. She is portrayed as majestic, and it shows in this powerful, gladiator-style sandal. Hera can often be seen holding a pomegranate, which is a symbol of immortality…and while these shoes don’t come with a pomegranate, the leather stacked heel and Vibram panels make this sandal just as immortal.

HERA is not lacking in the detail department with a 3-way “O” harness, flat metal studs, and an adjustable ankle buckle. We think this sandal is most like the Greek island of Hydra, which Condé Nast Traveller named as best Greek island for a long weekend with the art crowd. With all of the elements HERA brings, we think she would fit right in with the creatives!

CALLISTA Grecian Sandals

Callista comes from the Greek, meaning “most beautiful” and when talking about this thong-style sandal, we agree! If we had to pick a Greek island that this sandal reminds us of, it would be Cephalonia/Kefalonia. This island is laid back but has a dramatic scenery of white beaches, wild horses, and pine trees lining every street…isn’t this how a romantic movie starts?

CALLISTA has a 3-way “O” harness and a slingback strap with a buckle to lock her in place! We picture ourselves seaside in Santorini living our best Mama Mia lives in this sandal! CALLISTA comes in three of our core finishes and the minimal stitching gives her an unstructured vibe.

KARINE Grecian BEDSTU Sandals

Karine comes from Greek, meaning “beloved” or “friend,” which makes perfect sense when talking about this slide style! When thinking of Greek islands this sandal is positively Naxos! This island is known for its endless sandy beaches and KARINE makes it easy to dip in the water by just sliding her off and making a splash!

This slide will become your best friend and go-to! For the island hopping, gal on-the-go KARINE will take you everywhere! Both finishes in the sandal make a subtle statement and gives the perfect amount of boho.

No matter if you are going on a Grecian vacation or not, these sandals fit perfectly into your everyday style and will for years to come. We love being able to get more innovative in the way we create sandals and the twice-tanned stacked leather soles made to last for a lifetime is just another example.

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