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Men's Core Series: Guerin Lewis

A curated collection of signature styles that showcase timeless design and exemplify the spirit of diverse individuals who live the BED|STÜ lifestyle. Our collection offers something for every discerning gentleman: from rugged boots to refined accessories that add a touch of sophistication, you'll find pieces that perfectly complement your lifestyle.


We spent the day with Guerin, the head ranch wrangler at Twin Oaks Guest Ranch . Our day with him was a truly special experience. We witnessed his deep connection with the horses as he guided them out to the pasture, allowing them to graze. Later, Guerin opened up to us about his sister's passing, his faith, music, life on the ranch, and the gift of grace as he prepared his late sister's colt, Bamba, for a breaking session. Guerin is also a singer/songwriter here in Nashville and performs all around music city as well as during the ranch's lively happy hours. Guerin's latest single, "When A Cowgirl Goes To Heaven," was recently released and we can't get enough of this beautiful tribute to his sister!


We escaped the hustle and bustle of downtown Nashville and went on a little journey to Twin Oaks Guest Ranch , a hidden gem just 30 minutes away. As we arrived at this authentic Western Guest Ranch, we were greeted by 50+ acres of sprawling green pastures, oak trees, and a herd of horses. This unique ranch and location give you the ability to experience the Cowboy life by day, and then kick up your heels to the Nashville music scene by night.


Our men's core collection will carry you flawlessly through any season. Shop all of our picks here. There’s so much more to share than what was featured here, so be sure to keep in touch via Instagram , Facebook , or our email newsletter and SMS messaging notifications to know when new arrivals land on our site.


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