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April Fool’s BED|STÜ style: A fun little prank for our BED|STÜ family—this year we decided to turn a pair of AMANDA II’s into roller skates (don’t try this at home!)….AND create a top-of-the-line roller skate experience. That’s why we used a pair of Moonlight Rollers to create the skates. We wanted to create a fun and unique prank that would make people smile, and what’s more fun than roller skating?

Drilling into the outsole of AMANDA II to put roller skate wheels on

We loved our AMANDA II’s into the ground and before sending them into our BED|STÜ Rescue, we thought we’d have a little fun with them. We started by attaching them to a pair of our Moonlight Rollers. It took some trial and error, but eventually, we were able to get them just right. The result was a pair of high-quality, veg-tanned leather BED|STÜ skates!

AMANDA II with roller skate wheels

Roller skating has a rich history and culture that has evolved over time. It has been a popular pastime, with rinks and skate parks popping up all over the world. Today, it’s not uncommon to see roller skaters cruising through the streets, showing off their moves and style. Especially during the pandemic, roller skating became a great outdoor activity people picked up that could be done 6 ft. apart! You could find roller skaters rising in popularity on Instagram and TikTok. We love watching @candiceheiden and @dr.lia.b skating around the world.


Not only do we love the sense of community that skating brings, but we are obsessed with skating fashion! When it comes to roller skating, having the right gear is essential. Our new arrivals give a nod to the roller-skating era. We love adding a retro accent to a timeless design.

When it comes to bags and skating – you need to be hands-free. That’s where our backpacks and sling bags come in handy. Bags like DOMINIQUE, ANDIE, and PATSY, and allow you to be super fly on skates and practical – providing a convenient and secure way to carry your essentials while skating down the streets.

Want something more unique than a backpack? Try out PRISCILLA, VIANA, or ZIGGY, and wear them around your waist as a belt bag! This way you are still hands-free but also have the cutest leather accent to your ‘fit!

We had the best time turning a pair of BED|STÜ AMANDA II’s into roller skates using Moonlight Rollers. So, whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting out, we loved getting out there and enjoying the ride. Check out some of our recommended styles…that we also think would be cool on wheels.

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