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What Organic Means to BED|STÜ
Behind The Scenes , Sustainability What Organic Means to BED|STÜ August 06, 2019

Our philosophy is simple: to create sustainable products that are made to last, using only the most natural ingredients. It's better for us, our workers, and our planet.

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High Quality > Fast Fashion
Food + Travel , Behind The Scenes , Sustainability High Quality > Fast Fashion May 28, 2019

While walking through the streets of Rome, Italy, I stumbled upon a small restaurant owned by an older Italian woman. Her sun kissed hands told her story well: she had been raised in the hills of Tuscany, on her family’s farm, where she tilled the soil and grew fresh vegetables, dripping with crisp flavors you can only find in the heart of Italy. I remember taking the first bite of pizza – it was unimaginable, and I felt strange even calling “pizza,” because it tasted like a completely different dish. It wasn’t anything like the fast food or frozen pizza I had previously enjoyed in the states.

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What is sustainability?
Behind The Scenes , Sustainability What is sustainability? April 17, 2019

Sustainability is critical to our environment today as well as our environmental future, and here at BED|STÜ, we take sustainability very seriously.

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Behind The Scenes , Sustainability VEGETABLE TANNING 101 April 03, 2018

Here at BEDSTU, we use the highest quality, vegetable tanned leather, to handcraft each and every boot, shoe, sandal, and bag. What are your shoes made of?

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Do You Know What Your Shoes Are Made Of?
Behind The Scenes , Sustainability Do You Know What Your Shoes Are Made Of? October 18, 2017

If you’ve heard of BED|STU, you may be familiar with our attention to detail and quality.  Let us show you how our products are made, and what ingredients we use to handcraft each piece.

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We Proudly Use Vegetable Tanned Leather
Behind The Scenes , Sustainability We Proudly Use Vegetable Tanned Leather October 31, 2016

Our leathers are chrome free and do not use any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Learn more about our process.

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Our Goodyear Welt
Behind The Scenes , Sustainability Our Goodyear Welt September 16, 2016

A Goodyear welted shoe will last you a lifetime.

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