Honoring the Craft

Old Soul. Modern Style.

bedstu story

1995 Los Angeles, CA a man found himself at a crossroads in his life; he could go back to the corporate world he left or follow his passion. He followed his passion. Calling on two old industry friends to join him on the journey.

It began in a tiny rundown, rustic building on Front Street where he brought the three of them together for the first time. They transformed what was distressed and abandoned into a cozy art studio. They transformed what was a dream into a brand, Bed|Stü.

Bed|Stü a brand whose roots are based on his passion for working with materials provided by nature and inspired by a city in New York called Bed Stuy. A city that reflects the heart of Bed|Stü – genuine, unique and imperfect.

Anatomy of a Cobbler Boot

Genuine. The philosophy is the same now as it was in the beginning: honor the craft, create product that is as individual as those who wear it and never compromise on quality.
Unique. Our natural materials are aged to precision through proprietary processes and unique hand finishes, giving them their timeless yet modern appeal. Our Goodyear-welt process and rich leather components coupled with cushioned outsoles provide durability, comfort, and an authentic vintage feel that is engineered to last.
Imperfect. Through our hand dyeing, burnishing and aging processes our unique finishing techniques create variations in color and texture that are not replicable; no two pairs of shoes are the same. Making each pair as distinct as we all are. True beauty is found in the imperfections.