Honoring the Craft

Old Soul. Modern Style.

It begins from the ground up, starting with our name…

Bed|Stü derives from the unabashed streets of Bedford Stuyvesant – a gritty neighborhood in central Brooklyn. Formed in 1930, the neighborhood’s name itself is an extension of the Village of Bedford, which was eventually expanded to include the area of Stuyvesant Heights. “Stuyvesant” comes from Peter Stuyvesant, the last governor of the colony of New Netherland.

Bedford Stuyvesant Street

Goodyear Welt Sole

Our unapologetic line of boots, shoes, and accessories boasts a vintage style that reflects both the resilience and character of the tough streets from which their design derives. We age our natural materials to perfection through proprietary processes and unique hand finishes – giving them their timeless yet modern appeal.

Bed|Stü Cobbler Series bucks the mass-production trend, holding to a day and age when shoes were meticulously crafted by the hands of a cobbler. With extreme attention to detail, each pair was custom made for the perfect fit. And staying true to its name, our Cobbler collection is hand-crafted by a small team of skilled cobblers to preserve the true artisanship and heritage of shoe-making.

Our genuine, full-grain, distressed, and brushed leathers create unique variations in color that make no two pairs of shoes the same. While our Goodyear-welted, tire-like, and rich leather outsoles coupled with cushioned insoles provide durability, comfort, and a sophisticated look engineered to last.

The philosophy at Bed|Stü is the same today as it was when the brand emerged in 1995: always striving to find innovative ways to combine the old with the new. We take great pride in our craft and infuse it with passion and vitality into every facet of our truly unique and fashionable line.

We’re unabashed, unapologetic, innovators. We’re Bed|Stü.

Anatomy of a Cobbler Boot